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Our Story

Four different traders from around the world met eachother on the internet and shared the passion for trading the financial markets with successful results. Unfortunately, around us we saw many traders fail because they lack the knowledge to trade forex or get trapped by illegitimate forex signal providers. 

We were convinced that we can help other traders to be successful, by sharing free high-probability setups, trading strategies and an in-depth financial markets analysis. This in turn would make us successful as it proves our trading strategies really work. A win-win situation! 

How Can We Help You?

Forex, stocks & precious metals. Maxpips is here to help you become a successful trader in these financial markets.

Signal Coverage

Our market analysis covers the whole financial market. Currencies, stocks & precious metals are part of our portfolio.

Affordable for Everyone

Free & flexible plans for small and big accounts. Trading the financial markets was never so easy!

Professional Support

We provide you with all the tools to beat the market; a weekly in-depth market & COT analysis, trading strategies and more.

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